Important! At the moment there are two versions of our mobile app. In the ‘Teamleader Classic’ app (only available for iOs) the new features described here are not available. Only our most recent ‘Teamleader’ app (Android or iOs) provides these features. 

The mobile app has some interesting possibilities when it comes to managing your invoices. You can for example see an overview of your invoices per ‘status’ and per department, you can book invoices and you can put them on paid. Read this article to learn more about these possibilities.

When navigating to your invoices you immediately get an overview of:

  • Your draft invoices
  • Your unpaid invoices
  • Your paid invoices

You can also search through your invoices and choose to filter them per department by clicking this button:

Another option is booking your invoices directly via the app:

  • Go to your invoices
  • Click on Drafts
  • Click on the invoice you want to book
  • Click on Mark as booked

Change the status of your invoices to paid:

  • Go to your invoices
  • Click on Not paid
  • Click on the invoice you want to update
  • Click on Mark as paid