The mobile app has some interesting possibilities when it comes to managing your contacts and companies. You can for example add a contact and add their function at the company immediately, add different addresses, see all past/planned activity for a contact/company and see their linked deals. Read this article to learn more about these possibilities.

When adding a new contact in the app by clicking the plus symbol in the bottom right corner, you can:

  • Immediately link a company to this contact
  • Immediately link the function of the contact in that company
  • Define different addresses like the invoicing or visiting address

When visiting the contact/company page you’re able to see an overview of:

1. Details: the general contact/company information like the phone number, the email address, the website, …

2. Activity: an overview of the past/planned activity for this contact/company: their calls, meetings and planned tasks

3. Deals: The deals linked to your contact/company. Immediately click through to them to look up some information or to change the deal phase. 

4. 4 ‘action buttons’ on top of your screen: one to call your contact/company, one to message them, one to email them and one to immediately visit their location using one of your apps for navigation like Google Maps or Waze:

Note: If the phone number and/or the email address and/or the address are not entered in the contact or company, these buttons will not be available.