The Outlook email plug-in (Outlook 2013 and higher) is a great extension that allows you to do four things:

1.     add unknown contacts to Teamleader from your email account

2.     track incoming email to the right contact, company, deal or project 

3.     track outgoing email to the right contact, company or project

4.     convert an incoming email to a task in Teamleader

The plug-in works:

  • for Outlook version 2013 and higher 
  • on desktop only
  • only on Windows. Do you use Outlook on Mac? Then you can use our Office 365 Outlook add-in or IMAP

How does it work?

You can install the plug-in via the Teamleader Marketplace.  

When installing the integration, you will be asked to download the Teamleader plug-in

  • Download the file on your computer

    • open the zip file and double click on the file in your downloads

  • Open Outlook. You will be asked to log in with your Teamleader credentials

  • You don’t get the log-in pop-up? 

    • Go to Outlook and click on ‘tools’ 

    • Go to the Teamleader symbol

    • Click on settings. You should now be able to log in.  

You are successfully logged in? Congratulations, now you can start tracking emails!

This example shows how to track emails:

At the top of each email, you’ll see a Teamleader symbol. When you click on it, Teamleader will search for the sender’s name in your CRM database. If the name is not in Teamleader yet, you’ll be able to add it as a contact in Teamleader.


The sender is already in your CRM? Then you’ll be able to:


  • track the email directly to the sender’s detail page in Teamleader and the email will appear in the Activities at the bottom.
  • create a follow-up task from the email (feature available in our Move package or higher).

You can track outgoing emails as well. When composing a new email, you can choose to track the email by clicking on the Teamleader symbol on top of the email. By clicking on it, a screen will appear that will enable you to track the email you’re sending to the right contact in your CRM.