Do you want to make some nice visual overviews of your Teamleader data by creating your own interactive dashboards? Do you want to make charts of for example the deals or invoicing data in your Teamleader account? Read this article to know more about this integration. lets Teamleader users “build real-time dashboards in just a few clicks”. A  few things can already be made comprehensible via our own Teamleader statistics, but via, you can make a more advanced analysis of your Teamleader invoices, deals or timetracking, and more importantly personalize this completely.

This clear example shows you a dashboard of Teamleader deals in which it’s easy to see how many deals are open at this point, what your revenue was in the last month, what your close rate per month is,…
The options are endless, and you can choose yourself how this will all be displayed. lets you compare different values from Teamleader easily and has over 40 configurable visualizations available for you to use.
After importing Teamleader data in, you can also choose your ‘refresh frequency’ (how many times does your data needs to be refreshed?): this can be hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. So no manual imports all the time in, your Teamleader data will refresh automatically!

After completing your dashboard it’s possible to publish it via your social media or embed it in your website.


If you want to know if could be a nice addition to your list of Teamleader integrations, you can first of all try a demo of 10 days. If you like what you see, you can order a paying account. 

There are three types of licenses: Startup, Basic and Professional. Here you can find an overview of the price per license. has an online ‘Academy’ where you can find answers to your burning questions.

This article in particular explains how to set up the integration

If you encounter any problems setting up the integration, or if you have any specific questions regarding the integration with, you can contact them via this link

Click here if you are looking for some specific examples of dashboards created from Teamleader data.