PieSync connects Teamleader with other business apps and intelligently synchronizes customer and prospect contact information between the apps, two-way and in real time. Read this article to find out how it works and which apps can be connected to Teamleader.

How does it work?

Every time you add or update a contact in Teamleader, it is automatically synced with the other app, and vice versa. This way, you won’t need to create exports of your contacts in Teamleader to import them in the other tool and vice versa, this just happens automatically. The information will be immediately up to date.

You can customize your synced apps by changing the sync direction and setting filters to only subsets of contacts.

Which apps can be connected to Teamleader?

A lot of apps can be connected to Teamleader thanks to the integration with Piesync. You can find an overview here of the connections currently available for Teamleader.

How to set it up?

Our partner Piesync built the integration and they set up an easy online guide explaining everything there is to know about connecting Teamleader with other apps. You can find the documentation here

If you encounter problems setting up the integration, or have general questions which you can’t find in the support article, you can contact Piesync here

Note: if you want to export your Teamleader contacts via Zapier, make sure to read the following article.