It’s very handy to pay your Teamleader subscription by credit card instead of by bank transfer. Find out how to switch to payment by credit card, and learn about the advantages of this type of payment method!

Switching from bank transfer to credit card

Switching from bank transfer to credit card is very easy. Follow this link to your Teamleader subscription page and add your credit card there under billing info. This article about how to add your credit card to Teamleader explains it further. 

Benefits of paying by credit card

There are multiple benefits of using a credit card to pay your Teamleader subscription:

1. Save time

By entering a credit card in Teamleader you no longer have to worry about paying your invoice on time. The payment will be subtracted from your credit card automatically, 14 working days before renewal of your subscription. You will still receive an invoice of course, but the amount will already be paid.

2. Save money

Since your Teamleader subscription fee is paid automatically, late fees become a part of the past. These fees are added when you (accidentally) forget to pay your invoice. This will not happen anymore because of your automatic payment.         

3. Better security

All of our credit card payments are handled by Stripe, one of the largest and safest providers of payment services in the world. Companies such as Amazon, Deliveroo, and Facebook also trust Stripe to handle their payment process. So you’re in good company!