Yes. We already made the necessary changes in Teamleader. Discover here what this VAT rate change actually means and which consequences this has for your business and Teamleader.

Bear in mind that this change only applies to the Netherlands! 

What does it mean? 

The reduced rate for VAT in the Netherlands will be increased from 6% to 9% as of the first of January 2019. This means that you will need to prepare your company for this change when you use this reduced VAT rate on your goods and services.

What changes in my Teamleader account? 

In Teamleader, we already prepared for this change. If your department in Teamleader is located in the Netherlands, we added a new standard VAT rate of 9% in your list of VAT rates: 

  • This means you don’t need to add this rate manually via Settings > Invoices > Preferences > Add VAT rate. This rate is already in your account by default.
  • As you can see, the VAT rate of 6% is still visible in the list. As long as your quotations or invoices from your former fiscal year(s) still use this old VAT rate, we will need to keep showing this rate. It’s thus not possible to delete or hide this VAT rate from the list.

What does this mean for my products linked to the 6% VAT rate? 

The vat rate of your products in the product module will need to be changed manually from 6% to 9%. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to 'products'.
  2. Create a segment with the rule ‘VAT equals Sales 6% VAT’.
  3. Export this segment to Excel: you only need the columns ‘VAT’, ‘Name’ and/or ID of the article.
  4. Change the VAT rate from 6 to 9.
  5. Only use the number and don’t fill in the %.
  6. Import the Excel file into Teamleader again.
  7. The VAT rate of the articles will have changed to 9.

What does this mean for my subscriptions?

The rate won't change automatically for the products on your subscription(s). 

  • You will need to navigate to your subscription(s) and manually change the products from a 6% VAT rate to a 9% VAT rate. 
  • Products from future generated invoices will then have the 9% VAT rate instead of 6%. 
  • The older invoices will keep the old rate of 6%.