Take the following steps to test API calls for your integration based on V1. To find out more about transitioning to API V2, click the link.

We recommend using Postman to test API V1 calls.

  1. Install Postman via the link.

  2. Once installed, select ‘POST’ as type.

  1. Paste the URL for the endpoint you found in the API docs. In this example we’ll use addContact.

  1. Go to ‘Body’ and fill in api_group and api_secret for the first two keys. You will find them in your Teamleader account under Settings - Integrations.

  2. Fill in the keys and values you find in the API docs under the corresponding endpoint. The information shown above will add the contact Alexander Forret with disabled mailing, for example. If you click the blue 'send' button, the contact ID will be shown and the contact will be added in Teamleader.

Testing V1 Webhooks

Use Beeceptor to test your Teamleader webhooks for V1 or V2.

1. You wil find webhooks for V1 in your Teamleader account via Settings - Integrations - Show deprecated API keys & Webhooks - Webhooks setup.

2. All you will have to do is create an endpoint in Beeceptor and paste it in the URL bar in Teamleader under ’Webhook URL’.

3. After performing the action, you will immediately see the result in Beeceptor: