Teamleader helps you accomplish a lot of things for your business, but let’s face it: it’s definitely not the only piece of software that you are running. Email marketing platforms, other invoicing apps, lead generation webforms, ...  

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to connect Teamleader to these other applications when they run in the cloud, just like Teamleader. With Teamleader now offering Zapier connectivity, the choice of which integration method to use can admittedly be overwhelming. Should you use PieSync? Rely on Zapier? Use an integration built by Teamleader? A combination of several ways?

PieSync and Zapier are both platforms that focus on getting more out of web apps by adding some form of automation. But that’s where the comparison stops, as the use cases for PieSync and Zapier are very different.


The biggest difference between Zapier and PieSync is that PieSync provides a continuous two-way sync of contacts across apps, whereas Zapier supports one-time, one-way actions on Teamleader data. Zapier is the go-to app if you want to make Teamleader do backflips. Through Zapier you can set up all kinds of if-this-then-that type scenarios.

Automatically create a new deal when an online form is filled out? Receive an email when an invoice is paid? It can help you automate certain tedious tasks inside Teamleader. With Zapier offering connectivity to over a 1000 other apps, it would be surprising not find a useful zap that works for your business.

PieSync on the other hand can keep your Teamleader database in sync with the database in another app. You can have Outlook be in perfect sync with Teamleader’s contacts database. Or an email marketing app’s contact database can talk to Teamleader thanks to PieSync. Specific contact attributes, tags, custom data: they will seamlessly sync across your cloud apps, 2-ways

Some people attempt to have Zapier do a 2-way sync, but this is far from ideal. In fact, the first 3 questions on Zapier's FAQ page state that Zapier is not the ideal tool to do so, and PieSync is the better fit for contact sync.

For a deeper dive, two-way syncing and trigger-action workflows are fundamentally different. You can watch a 4-minute presentation that compares the two methodologies here.

Work better together?

Luckily, Zapier & PieSync are not mutually exclusive! They can work together if you use them for the right reasons.

While Zapier is not ideal to sync contacts two-way (or even one-way), it still is a good platform to move & prepare data inside of your apps, which makes your syncs better!

A couple of examples of PieSync & Zapier used together for Teamleader?

1) Zapier can pass over contacts from a simple Google Sheets webform and drop them inside Teamleader. Zapier can attach them to a company. But then, in turn, the contacts themselves can be kept in a 2 way sync through PieSync with your Outlook or Google Contacts, allowing you to make changes in either system.

2) PieSync keeps Teamleader in sync with ActiveCampaign and ensures contacts get added & kept up to date on both sides. PieSync ensures tags are kept in sync between ActiveCampaign’s automations and Teamleader. Concurrently, Zapier could create a new deal for those contacts with specific tags. And when that deal closes, ActiveCampaign can be informed of it.

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