In May 2019, we launched the work order functionality in our new mobile app. This is not just a copy of our old feature: we aimed to make it better based on the feedback of our customers. 

Here are the 10 main improvements of the new work order functionality: 

  1. Custom fields are now available & working properly

  2. You can save your work orders as drafts, edit them and finish them later

  3. Product IDs are searchable & visible when editing a work order

  4. You can select a company without having to choose a contact person

  5. A search in the product list returns more than 5 products

  6. You can add different work hours per employee on the same work order

  7. You can add multiple working days on one work order

  8. The date of your work order is not necessarily the date of creation 

  9. You can add internal notes to the work orders

  10. You get to see a clear list-view of all open work orders

You can download the app on your iOS or Android device.