Starting a trial period for a new module in Teamleader gives you 7 days to test. If you're not sure how to  start a trial period for a new module, click the link.

If the module works for you, you won't have to do anything. When the trial period is over, the module will automatically be added to your licence.

Of course, that also means you'll have to let us know before the period ends if you decide not to add the module. This is done via the Teamleader subscription page. To go there:

1. Click your image in the upper right corner of your account.

2. Select 'Teamleader subscription'.

You'll see the following message at the top of the page if your trial period is ongoing, including the final date of the trial period.

Scroll down to the box that mentions the module you are trying out. Just click the 'Cancel trial' button next to 'Trial active' to cancel the trial.