As you might have noticed, there are two overviews from which you can follow up on your deals like never before: by implementing a pipeline view - next to the existing list view - of deals, we want to allow you to literally ‘drag’ a deal from one phase to the next or even accept or refuse them. This way, you’ll never lose track of an important lead.

What are the advantages for your business?

  • The drag & drop functionality is incredibly time-saving, which accelerates your lead follow up

  • Increase of productivity and efficiency when it comes to processing your deals 

  • Get a clear and instant overview of what needs to be done & by whom

  • Check how much money is currently in each phase without having to consult segments, statistics, etc.

  • Revenue numbers are updated in real-time

Don’t worry: this new pipeline view does (and will) not replace the list view. You can always shift back and forth between both views by clicking the pipeline- or list view in the top right corner of your deal overview:

The pipeline view will be the default view when going to deals. If you switch views, Teamleader will remember your last preference. If you prefer to start on the list view, just switch back and Teamleader will show you the list view first next time you click the Deals tab.