Admin users can edit most of the information of the users. This includes all information needed to make your company look professional to your customers when you use Teamleader to send emails or invoices. 

Which user fields are editable by whom and why

We take security very seriously and are committed to protecting the data of all our users, admin and non-admins alike. That’s the reason why the user is the only person who can change his primary email address. 

The primary email address can be changed by clicking on your user icon in the top right-hand corner > My profile. Click on the three dots next to the email address that you want to use as your primary email address in 'Alternative email addresses'. Choose Turn into primary.

Why am I not able to change the email address of my colleague?

In the scope of the GDPR regulation, more specifically, we are required to offer the possibility to our leads and customers to request an overview of their data. An email address is considered personally identifiable information - a unique and verified email is used to connect the person who is making that request to the corresponding user in our databases. Because an email address is strictly personal, you can't just change it for other people; they have to change their email address themselves.

Additionally, we use other tools to provide services that exchange data with Teamleader and where we also need to ensure the required data protection. We are not able to do so if we cannot identify all the user information in those tools.

Add or remove admin rights

As an admin with access to HR you can also add or remove admin rights from a user. Read more about it here.  

Replacing a user

If someone is leaving the company, it is better to deactivate the user and create a new user for the colleague who will be replacing them. No hassle trying to access the user's account to edit the fields an admin cannot edit and you can keep your activity history clean:

As a CRM solution, we keep history of all changes so you can track a user's actions. A user profile is used to identify who did what in the activity feed: if an old profile would be updated with the new user's information, the past activity of the old user would be changed into the name of the new user. 

For these reasons, if someone’s leaving the company, it is better to deactivate their user and create a new user for the colleague who will be replacing them.