There are several ways to invoice your project, each with its own result on the open timetracking.

There are two ways to make a normal invoice on a project:

  1. Invoices > Invoice unbilled time
  2. Go to a project > Project info > Scroll down to the paragraph Invoices > click on the '+'-sign, and choose the type Based on phases

Normal invoices ensure that your open timetracking that has been invoiced disappears from the list of unbilled timetracking. When adding new timetracking, new billable times will be available.

There are four ways to make an advance invoice on a project:

  1. Go to a project > Project info > Scroll down to the paragraph Invoices > click on the '+'-sign, and choose the type Create myself.
  2. Through the menu 'Invoices' directly, via the button Add invoice where you can manually select the project
  3. Invoicing the deal linked to your project
  4. Create a subscription linked to your project

Advance invoices will not cause the open timetracking to disappear from the list, but they can be deducted from the next invoice you will make based on phases. This also means:

  • If you have an advance invoice of 200 euros, and you have unbilled timetrackings worth 150 euros, then these will not be proposed under Invoice unbilled time; according to the system you have already paid in advance for those timetrackings. 
  • When the amount of the unbilled timetrackings exceeds the amount of the advance invoice, then these will be proposed for invoicing under Invoice unbilled time.

  • Example: the unbilled timetrackings of this project will not be suggested under Invoice unbilled time. That will only happen when the amount of the phase is higher than 400 euros, the amount of the advance invoice.
    To be able to invoice this phase regardless, you will have to go to your project and choose to invoice the project Based on phases (cf. mentioned above).

In case you would like to add products to your invoice, and you don't want this invoice to be considered an advance invoice:

  • Don't add a separate advance invoice (via Invoices > Add invoice)
  • Do add 
    • external costs to your project
    • or add products to the timetracking itself

You can find more information about the invoicing preferences on this page.