Do you want to use more than one personal email address in your Teamleader account? Then the alternative email addresses you can add via your personal profile are the solution for you! Discover how to add them in this article.

Add alternative email address(es)

To add alternative email addresses, follow these steps:

  1. Click on your user icon in the top right-hand corner in Teamleader

  2. Click on My profile

  3. Next to ‘Alternative email addresses’, click on the to insert the email address(es).

Verify alternative email address(es)

Your primary email address (which is your current user email address) has to be unique. The other email addresses you add here don’t have to be unique; this means that multiple users could add the same email address in their accounts as an alternative email address. However, the email address needs to be verified by each individual user:

  • An email with a link will be sent to the email address that was added

  • To complete the verification, click on the link in the email. The link is valid for 72 hours. If you didn’t verify the email address on time:

    • Remove the email address from your ‘Alternative email addresses’ by clicking on the trash bin next to it

    • Add the alternative email address again; the verification email will be sent again

  • After clicking the link the user needs to log in to Teamleader
    Note: If multiple users use the same alternative email address they each need to click on the link in the email and log in separately into Teamleader.

  • The verification process is now completed.

After verification, you can select this email address in the dropdown when sending meeting invites, emails and quotations.

You could also make one of the verified email addresses your primary email address (read more about this below).

White labeling

If you have multiple email addresses with a different domain name, then you need to white label each domain separately. If you don’t white label the domain(s), the email address of the sender will be ‘’. However;

  • The name preview for the receiver of your email will still be the name of the person sending that email; 

  • The replies to these kind of emails will be sent to the primary email address of the sender

The whitelabeling happens on account level, not on user level. So if multiple users have ‘’ as an email address then the domain ‘teamleader’ only needs to be white labeled once. 

Read this article to learn more about white labeling and how to white label your domains.

Choose other primary email address/change user email address

What if you want to choose another primary email address or change your current user email address? Then you need to follow these security steps:

  1. Go to 'Email addresses'

  2. Next to your primary email address, click on Edit and fill out another email address

  3. Confirm this email address via your email inbox following the steps described above

  4. Choose one of your alternative email adresses as the primary email address?

    • Click on the three dots next to the alternative email address and choose Turn into primary. However; it won't be possible to set a non-unique email address as primary address.