In this article, you’ll find an overview of the browsers Teamleader supports. We strongly recommend using one of these browsers when accessing Teamleader.

Supported browsers

Our team of engineers designs Teamleader to support the newest versions of these web browsers:

Something not working?

  • The browser may need updating. Check for updates in the Help section of your browser menu and activate automatic updates while you’re there. Without the most recent version, Teamleader features may look weird or not work properly.

  • Browser plugins or extensions like adblockers are interfering with something. Try opening Teamleader in a private/incognito window without plugins or extensions to rule out they’re at fault. You can find the option in your browser menu. 

  • Check our status page for ongoing issues.

  • Make sure you try to access Teamleader via a secure private network and that it doesn’t restrict access to certain services. Contact your network responsible for more information.

If Teamleader is still not working for you, contact us and provide your browser information. You can easily check and copy that information on