In this article we'll give you an overview of the more common errors you can encounter in the integration between Exact Online and Teamleader:

Note: If you received another error that isn't mentioned in this article, please reach out to us and don't forget to add the screenshot of the error you received. We'll be happy to help. 

No changes found

If you see this error, please send us a ticket, so we can check the logs. Don't forget to mention that Exact Online is the bookkeeping tool that you're using.

Invoices X and Y have the same booking number

If you received this error, please read this article for more information. 

Invalid VAT number

  • Dutch customer: the number should have the following format: NL999999999B99 
    • One block of 14 characters, the 12th character should always be B (for example NL000000000B00)
  • French customer: the number should have the following format: FRXX 999999999
    • One block of 2 characters + one block of 9 numbers (for example FR12 000000000)
  • Italian customer: the number should have the following format: IT99999999999
    • One block of 11 characters (for example IT00000000000)
  • Spanish customer: the number should have the following format: ESX9999999X
    • One block of 9 characters, the first and last characters can be a letter or a number but both can't be numerical (for example ES00000000T)

The account number X could not be found in Exact Online

To solve this error, please create this account number in Exact Online or choose another one. 

No match was found in Exact Online for the VAT rate X

You can set this VAT rate by clicking on your user icon > integrations > Manage > Exact Online > Select company entity > link VAT codes to Exact Online. 

There are X documents which have unspecified ledger accounts

There are 2 ways to resolve the unspecified ledger accounts error:

  • click on the error message about unknown accounts; at the bottom you will see links to invoices / credit notes. Open the invoice links 1 by 1 and enter a ledger account where you see 'unknown' by editing the invoice (clicking on the pencil next to 'content'), and save.
  • If your ledger accounts are related to your VAT rates, you can do this in bulk via settings > invoices> ledger accounts> Auto-suggest accounts at certain VAT-tariffs.

Province not found

This error can mean 2 things: 

  • the country of the synchronized contact or company does not match with the provided VAT number. 
  • the address of the contact/company in Teamleader doesn’t match with the address in Exact Online.

To solve this issue, you can change the address (country) to match the VAT number or change the VAT number to match the country. 

If that didn't solve your problem, please send us a ticket so we can check this for you.

Invalid email address

This means the email address of your client isn't valid. Please change or remove the email address.

Journals can't be found when setting up the integration in the Marketplace

The linked Exact Online user has not enough rights to see the journals in Exact Online. Enable (or let the accountant do this) the correct rights in Exact Online : Master data > Users > Overview > NAME > Rights > Financial > View financial master data.

Bad customer ID

This error message means that the bookkeeping customer ID in Teamleader no longer matches the ID of the relation (customer) in Exact Online.

Possible causes:

  • The relation linked to the ID has been deleted in Exact Online (and a new one has been created manually).
  • The relation linked to the ID is merged with another relation and the other ID is saved
  • The entire administration was copied to a new administration (with an XML file), the relations will look the same in the new administration, but will have a different ID.
  • The user who installed the integration does not have enough read/write rights in his EOL account.
  • The integration was linked to another Exact Online administration, without first disconnecting the customers.

Solution: Adjusting the field 'bookkeeping customer ID' in Teamleader with the correct ID
Note: this field is by default not visible. Please reach out to our support team, so they can enable it.

  1. Search by contact/company name in the general search field of Exact Online
  2. Open the client page with a Ctrl+cllick on the client number.
  3. The ID can be found in the URL of the client page between '% 7b' and '% 7d' in the URL.
    In this example:, the ID is cffa85f6-c82c-45cb-bd4e-d0b1df64014b
  4. Copy the ID 
  5. Paste the ID in the field 'bookkeeping customer ID' of the contact/company in Teamleader with the 'bad customer ID'. You can do this by searching the contact/company > open the page > click on the pencil next to 'Company information'. Save the contact/company.
  6.  Perform a manual synchronization, and repeat the steps for other customers with this error message


  • If you don't find the contact/company in Exact Online, you need to empty the bookkeeping customer ID, so a new relation can be created in Exact Online
  • When searching on contact/company name in Exact you might be automatically redirected to the customer page. In this case it is best to search for only part of the customer name, and choose 'Starts with', so that you can open a new browser (as described in the steps above) with Ctrl+click