In this article we'll give you more info about the following topics related to file management:

Add a file

To add a file to a specific item (Companies, Contacts, Projects, Invoices, Tickets, Products, Meetings), just click on the files tab at the bottom right-hand corner of the page:

You'll have two options to add a file: 

  1. You can click on next to 'Documents' and select the file you want to upload
  2. You can drag the file into the Files tab. 

If you want to add a file to a deal, just click on the + next to 'Files' or drag and drop your file in the 'Files' field.

Add a folder

When adding a file, Teamleader will give you the option to choose a folder to link it to. You'll also have the option to create a new folder by clicking on More > Add new folder.


If you often manage large files and you don’t only want to keep them in Teamleader, then our Dropbox integration will definitely suit your needs! Read more about it here.

Delete a file

You can easily delete a file by clicking on the Files tab and hovering over the file that you want to delete > right-click > delete:


  • When you want to delete a file linked to a deal, there are 2 ways to delete the file: 
    • You can click on the client page linked to it and delete the file by following the steps mentioned above
    • You can click on the file in your deal page to see the preview and then you click on the bin to delete the file:This is not possible for Excel or Word files. If you want to delete this kind of files, we advise you to do it via the client page.
  • Files deleted in Teamleader will also be deleted in file management integrations 
  • Files deleted in file management integrations won't be deleted in Teamleader.

Delete folders

To delete an entire folder, you'll first have to delete all files that are linked to it. Once the last linked file has been deleted, Teamleader will automatically delete the folder.