Not every invoice in Teamleader is eligible for On Demand Financing. There are some rules of thumb. It could also be the case that certain invoices don’t get approved by KBC. Read more about it here.

Eligible vs not eligible


  • Invoices with an amount between €750 incl. VAT and €25 000 incl. VAT.
    • Partial pre financing is not possible, the financing must be for the full amount of the invoice. For example, you cannot have an invoice of €30 000 financed for €25 000.
  • Invoices with a payment term of minimum 14 or maximum 120 days 
  • Invoices within 15 working days after the invoice date
  • Invoices to companies or governments
  • Outgoing invoices in euro to your Belgian customers

Not eligible

  • Advance invoices
  • Invoices already (partially) paid or (partially) credited 
  • Invoices to private individuals (B2C)
    • KBC will carry out a check on, among other things, the presence of a VAT number.
  • Invoices to non-Belgian customers
  • Invoices in a currency other than the euro
  • The total invoice financing may not exceed €100 000 including VAT. 
    • This means that as soon as an invoice has been paid by your client to KBC, it will be deducted and you can refinance up to a maximum amount of €100 000.


My invoice matches all of the above requirements, why is it still not eligible?  

  • After we've checked the basic requirements above and an invoice is not eligible, we'll provide a specific reason (e.g. not a Belgian customer, payment term or amount is wrong,...) as to why this is. You can find that reason in the financing widget.
  • If an invoice is eligible because it meets the requirements, Teamleader then sends this invoice to KBC.

Check by KBC

KBC however always does an extra check to see if your invoice is eligible or not. If it isn't, you'll receive the following message: "KBC decided not to finance this invoice.” There could be numerous reasons for this:

  • You or your customer have outstanding amounts with the tax administration or the NSSO
  • The annual accounts of your company or your end customer were filed too late
  • Your end customer's solvency is not good

After you’ve sent a request for financing, KBC will contact your client to inform them about the on demand financing and to confirm if they’ve received the invoice. That confirmation is of the utmost importance to avoid fraud and to be able to transfer the amount of the invoice to your account. This could go wrong when:

  • KBC couldn’t reach your customer to verify that they’ve received the invoice
  • Your customer wasn’t able to confirm the invoice