When you’re financing one of your invoices, KBC will essentially take over from you and take over the communication with your own customer. You can let your client know about the process of on demand financing from the start if you want. Read more about it in this article.

First and foremost, you are legally obligated to send the invoice via Teamleader first before you can request financing. You have complete control over which invoice you want to finance, but there are some criteria as to which invoices are eligible and which aren’t.  

By default, nothing happens with the content or communication of your original invoice (also because we wouldn’t automatically know yet that you want to finance it). Of course, you can always optimize the communication in your invoice. Adding some context about on demand financing to your invoice is your own responsibility though, and you’re completely free to do so. 

You can add some information about the partnership with KBC to optimize the relation and communication with your client.
This is an example text that’s often used by our clients:

“In order to optimize our cash flow, we have a partnership with KBC financial services whereby we have the right to have invoices financed by KBC. This means that it is always possible for KBC to contact you directly to pay the invoice to them as a partner”.

To insert this kind of text, you:

  1. Create an extra invoice variation.

  2. Insert this text as plain text in your invoice template and you’re done!

  3. When you’ve decided to request on demand financing for a certain invoice, select this invoice variation to send to your customer.

After going through the flow and signing via the KBC Sign app, KBC will contact your customer to confirm if the invoice was received by them. When they have this confirmation, the money will be transferred to your account.

From this point onwards, KBC takes over all communication. Think about sending reminders about this invoice, incasso costs, marking the invoice as paid when your client paid the invoice to KBC,... 

Don’t be afraid to inform your customer about on demand financing.

  • KBC handles your customers in an extremely professional manner. For them it’s equally important to keep your customer relationship healthy. They also benefit from recurring customers.

  • Also, in a B2B context, on demand financing is not seen as a sign of financial problems but on the contrary as cash flow optimisation.