Did you meet some new leads and are you ready for the next step? Let's start creating some quotations.

To create a quotation, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to Deals
  2. Click on Add deal
  3. Fill in the fields
    Note: when selecting a template, a quotation will automatically be created
  4. Click on Save
  5. Go to 'Follow up on your open deal' and click on Actions > Quotation
  6. You can now create a new quotation, or you can base your quotation on an existing one
  7. To send the quotation, click on the three dots > send

Note: once you created a quotation, it won't be possibly anymore to edit the field 'Amount' in your deal. It will be automatically filled in based on the total price of the quotation.

Inserting/moving a product line

You can always edit a quotation by clicking on the three dots > Edit and insert a new product line.

If you want, you can also move an article to another place in the quotation by hovering over the number in the front of the article line :