How can I set whom the invoices are emailed to?

When sending an invoice via email, you automatically see a suggested email address. Here you can find more about the system whom the invoices are actually sent to.

In case you create an invoice for a contact, the system is easy. The email address of the contact is suggested automatically.

Yet, when you send an invoice to a company, it can sometimes get tricky since Teamleader checks several levels to retrieve the right email address.

Invoicing preferences:

With every company, you can set invoicing preferences. Therefore you need to go to the company and click on the arrow at the very top and click on “Invoicing preferences”.

You then get to see the following screen where you have the option to adjust the field “Send invoices to”. You can either go for “Automatic”, which brings Teamleader to check further for an email address or you can choose “Other” and fill in an email address.

Note: You can also fill in several email addresses if the client wants the invoice to be sent to several addresses. Use a comma (,) to separate the email adresses.

This is the first point Teamleader checks. The address or addresses filled in there will be the automatically suggested ones. In case you chose for “Automatic”, Teamleader will check the next level.

Email address of a contact person:

In case you added a contact person when creating an invoice, the invoice will be automatically sent to this one, to the email address of the company and to all decision makers in case they are defined.

If you did not define a contact person, Teamleader will check the following level.

Email address of company:

If there is no contact person filled in and no special invoicing preferences defined, the invoice is automatically sent to the company and all decision makers, in case they are defined.

General settings:

Of course, you can always add email addresses for specific invoices by clicking on cc or bcc when sending an invoice.

And under Settings > Invoices > Preferences, you also have the option to put yourself in bcc when sending an invoice to always receive a copy of your sent invoices.

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