How To: Advance invoices

A lot of companies like to send a first invoice to their customers in order to get an advance on the to be carried out work. Call it a ‘fail safe’, because you never know what kind of unexpected circumstances might pop up later.

Luckily, Teamleader makes it easy for you. These three ways allow you to create advance invoices:

Case: a customer buys a product or service of € 10.000 VAT excluded. You agree with your customer that he will pay a 50% advance on signing the quotation.

Option 1 - manually

We manually create an advance invoice of € 5.000 VAT excluded and we send it to our customer.

We then have two options for our final invoice:

1. We create an invoice of € 5.000 VAT excluded without any mention of the advance invoice. You are not obligated to mention the previously made invoice.

Download the example here

2. We invoice the total amount and add a negative line mentioning the advance invoice. The amount needs to be - € 5.000. Teamleader will then subtract this amount from the total amount VAT excluded.

Download the example here

In total we invoiced an amount of € 10.000 VAT excluded to our customer.

Option 2 - via Deals

This option starts from the Deal module. After we have created a quotation and it has been accepted by our customer, we choose ‘Create invoice’ below ‘Actions’.


The next screen shows us the possibility to invoice the deal completely, or create an advance invoice first. Choosing the latter, we get the option to invoice the amount based on a percentage or a fixed amount. We’ll choose a fixed amount of € 5.000. Clicking ‘Save’ generates our invoice and lets it send it to our customer.

After finishing our job, we go back to our original quotation and choose to invoice again. Teamleader will automatically show us our quotation items and the previously invoiced amount as well.


In total we invoiced an amount of € 10.000 VAT excluded to our customer.

Option 3 - via the Project module

This option starts from a project. After we’ve created and worked on a project, we choose to add an invoice via the ‘invoice’ widget. As ‘Type’ we choose ‘create myself’.


In the next screen where you can compose your invoice, you add an amount of € 5.000 with the mention of ‘Advance invoice’, similar to our options above.

This allows you to add multiple interim invoices during the whole project. When finally invoicing the total amount based on your milestones, you can subtract all of the previously created invoices as well.

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