How To: Create Web2Lead forms with Formstack

Good lead follow-up is key, there’s no avoiding it. But how do you follow up all those leads that visit your website? You can do it with the Web2Lead forms in Teamleader. For this purpose Teamleader works with three different services. In this blog we discuss how you make forms with Formstack and how to link them to Teamleader.


Formstack works in a similar way to Wufoo. When you start up a new form you will also see the different fields available on the left and a preview window on the right, so that you can see how your form will look.

Important: make sure that the names you choose for your fields comply with the variables that can be recognized by Teamleader (see this list).

Once you have created your form you need to start the Webhook, as you do with Wufoo, in order to integrate your leads into Teamleader. For this you need the URL that you can find under ‘Integrations/Marketplace’ in ‘Web2Leads’. Obviously you select Formstack when you link the new form. This URL is unique to each individual Teamleader account. So don’t use the link you see below. Copy the URL from your Teamleader account and go to Formstack.

In Formstack, under the form you have created, you select ‘Settings’. Then you navigate to ‘Emails & Redirects’ and look at the bottom at ‘After the Form is Submitted’. You see the message ‘A default message will be displayed to the user. Click here to change.’

Click here and select ‘Send data to an External URL (Webhook)’ in the pop-up menu. Paste the link that you copied from Teamleader into the form that appears. Do not copy the ‘http://’ preceding the link.

All the other settings are standard and correct. Click on ‘Save’ and your Webhook is ready! Now all you need to do is to post your form on your websites and leads can start pouring into Teamleader!

Fields allowed

On this page you will find a list of all the possible fields that Teamleader can import from your form. Be sure to use one of those styles, otherwise your data will not be integrated into Teamleader correctly.

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