How To: Create Web2Lead forms with Jotform

Good lead follow-up is key, there’s no avoiding it. But how do you follow up all those leads that visit your website? You can do it with the Web2Lead forms in Teamleader. Teamleader already works with three different services for this purpose. In this blog we discuss how you can make a landing page with Jotform and how you link it to Teamleader.


Jotform is very similar to Wufoo and Formstack in terms of the way it works. There is a free formula whereby you can make an unlimited number of forms, with a maximum of 100 entries. Here, too, you can choose to start with an empty page or to work with a template.

In our example we will start with an empty form. On the left in the toolbar we see some fields which we can just drag to where we want them. NB: for the integration with Teamleader to work smoothly, it’s best to always choose ‘Text box’ fields. Later we can define them so that Teamleader recognizes the fields correctly.

Once you have used all the fields you want, we can define which type the fields are. This is important, otherwise Teamleader will not know which value belongs to which field. For each field you can click on the cog and select ‘Show Properties’.

You’ll see a whole lot of options that you can adapt, but we are mainly interested in the ‘Field details’ below. You can leave the ‘ID’ field as it is, but be sure to complete the ‘Name’ field according to the parameters that Teamleader can recognize. You’ll find the list of valid values at the bottom of this blog.

You cannot simply name your ‘forename’ field ‘name’. Teamleader cannot recognize it, it is better to define it, for example as ‘forename’.

Have you finished configuring your form? Then all you need to do is to set up your webhook, so that your leads go from your website to Teamleader. You can do this via ‘Integrations’ in the menu bar across the top in Jotform (make sure you have not selected a field).

In the drop-down menu you select ‘Other’ and then ‘Webhooks’ below. You will have to enter a link. You can find this link in Teamleader under ‘Integrations/Marketplace’ via ‘Web2Leads’. Click on ‘Link new form’ and select Jotform, then copy the link that appears. NB: this is a unique URL for each user! Enter this link into Jotform and your form is ready to receive leads!

Permitted fields

On this page you’ll find a list of all the possible fields that Teamleader can import from your form. Make sure you use one of those styles, otherwise your data will not end up in Teamleader correctly.

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