How to: Set up Invoicecloud

Invoicecloud is a platform that allows users to let their customers pay their invoices online. Even more, your customers can choose their preferred method of payment! Via the services of Mollie and Stripe you can choose which payment methods you'd like to offer.

In this blog post you'll get to learn how to use the platform and how to set up the link with Mollie and/or Stripe.

Mollie & Stripe

Mollie and Stripe are two online services that allow you to perform online payments. Using the link with Teamleader, it allows you to offer customers their preferred method of payment. You can set up both services via Integrations in your personal account, at the top right hand corner.


Stripe is an American company that specialises in online payments via credit card. If you don't have an account yet, don't worry. We've made it easy for you: you can create and link an account straight from Teamleader.

Stripe will ask you some questions regarding your company activity, bank data and your identity. Finished filling all of this in? Then you only need to grant authorisation to Stripe and your account has been linked!

Just note: Stripe only accepts credit card payments. If you want to offer other payment methods as well, Mollie is your go-to-software!


Mollie is a Dutch company that provides an integration with the most common payment methods. You can create an account via their website. Because payments are quite the sensitive matter, creating an account can be an exhaustive matter. We'll guide you through the necessary steps right here:

1. Complete account information

After you've registered yourself on the website, Mollie will ask you to complete your account information. You'll have to provide them with some essential info about your company, such as a VAT number, a known person with the Chamber of Commerce and a technical contact of your company. You'll have to agree with Mollie's terms and conditions before you can continue.

*Unfortunately, Mollie's website isn't completely translated into English just yet.

2. Create a website profile

Your website profile at Mollie contains all of the data from the website you want to use to link with their services. Your website has to contain a few obligatory things. If this is not the case, you won't be able to finish the integration. This is a checklist which you can consult on the Mollie website as well.

Finished everything? Then Mollie will perform a check to see if all of the required info on your website is visible enough. Don't worry, this check is done pretty quickly. As soon as this has happened, you will find your API key on this page. We'll need this later on to finish the integration with Teamleader.

3. Activate payment methods

Finished step 1 and 2? Then it's time for the real thing: selecting your payment methods. Mollie offers a wide range of possibilities, such as iDEAL, PayPal, bank transfer... The payment methods you select here, are the ones that will turn up on Invoicecloud as well.

Mollie also offers the possibility for credit card payments, but Teamleader will not support this. For credit card payments, we'd like to refer you to Stripe.

Some payment methods (such as PayPal) require a separate account. Mollie provides the necessary steps to do this in most cases.

4. Activate payments

Last but not least: enter your account number to which Mollie can transfer all received payments.

Before Mollie can pay you your profits, you'll have to provide them with some info, such as a copy of your passport, the stakeholders, and of course your bank account number.

If you've survived these 4 steps above, then your Mollie account is ready to be linked to Teamleader. In Teamleader, navigate to Integrations/Marketplace and search for 'Mollie'. The only thing you need to enter, is your API key.

Remember step 2? You can find that API key in your Mollie account at 'Website profile'. At the bottom of the page you'll find your unique key. Enter it, and your account is linked to Teamleader. That's all you have to do...

Receiving payments from customers

... except creating invoices of course. And making sure your customers know they can pay their invoice online.

You'll have to enter a reference to Invoicecloud in your communication. Just as with Cloudsign, you can do this by using the shortcode #LINK in your accompanying email when sending an invoice. You can create these via Settings > Invoices > Templates for invoice letters. The #LINK shortcode will then be replaced by the sentence "pay your invoice online", with a link to Invoicecloud behind it.

Your customer will receive this link in his mailbox, which will lead him to Invoicecloud. He'll get a screen similar to this one:

You have a few options once on the platform. Logically, your customer can check the contents of the invoice. If he has any questions, he can post feedback. Or he can download it to print it out later on.

What's more important, your customer can immediately pay his invoice. If he clicks 'pay online', he'll get to see a new widget that contains the payment methods you have activated in Mollie or Stripe. From these options he can choose his preferred one and transfer the owed amount to you.

Once this has happened, the invoice will get the status 'Payed' in Teamleader as well as in Invoicecloud.

Invoice overview

Within Invoicecloud, your customer can also consult his invoicing history. He gets a complete overview of all the invoices he has received from you (that were sent from Teamleader), even if you're just now starting to use Invoicecloud. So if there is ever any doubt about an invoice, he can consult it there.

If there would be any unpaid invoices from the past, your customer can use the opportunity to pay those while he's at it!

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