How To: Direct debit in Teamleader

With Teamleader’s subscription module you can set up recurrent invoices. This means your customer will receive invoices at fixed intervals. Some customers also find it more convenient to set up a direct debit, so that they don’t have to worry any more about paying their invoices on time.

If your customer wants to do this you can put a reference to it in the invoice. When you are setting up a subscription you can select ‘advanced options’. There you will find a slider ‘Direct debit’. If you put it on your invoice your structured message will be replaced on each of them by the following sentence:

“This amount will be presented to your financial institution for payment by direct debit with the structured message +++000/2913/04033+++.”

This notifies your customer that the invoice will be settled by the direct debit he set up beforehand, so that he has no need to worry about making the payment.

NB: Teamleader will only put the notification on the invoice. It does not set up the recurring direct debit. That must always be done through a bank.

If you do want to use direct debit with SEPA, we have a small workaround that you can find right here.

Entering invoices settled by direct debit as paid

If some of your customers do pay their recurrent invoices by direct debit, you can find all of the invoices quickly by means of a segment. In Invoices (not Subscriptions), create a new segment with the parameter ‘Direct debit’ > ‘equals’ > ‘yes’. A list of all the invoices that are paid by direct debit will appear. You can soon check which have been paid, in your bank account!

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