How can I export/print more than one invoice in one go?

In case you want to export and/or print more than one invoice or even all your invoices, you definitely do not have to do so invoice per invoice.

In this article, we will show you how to export all invoices of the current year in one go. No worries, if you want to export all your invoices of all fiscal years or if you prefer to differentiate differently, the steps will remain the same.

First, navigate to "Invoices" and click on the dropdown menu next to the search field, where you click on "Create new segment":

If you save this segment, you will get a list of all invoices bearing an invoice date which lies in the current year. In case you wish to see a different segment, then you only need to edit the rules. More information about segments needed? Then just click here.

Once you have defined your rules and saved the segment, you click on the button "Export" at the right hand side.

In the following screen you will get the option to either export the invoices to an excel sheet, a pdf or an export to an accountancy program.

Export to Excel

If you go for this option, you have further options in the following screen:

If you want to determine which values you would like to show in your Excel sheet, click on the dropdown menu next to "Select" and choose "Create new template". In the pop-up that appears, you have the option to choose which values you would like to see in the generated Excel:

You then click on save and start the export.

Batch export invoices to PDF

When you select "Batch export invoices to PDF", you can choose a segment you would like to export. Here, the segment you created earlier will be of importance.

Then, just click on "Start export". You will receive a pdf file with all invoices, which you can then easily print in one go.

Note: The maximum number of invoices you can export in one batch via the pdf export is 250.

Export to bookkeeping program

For more information on this, click here.

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