How To: How do I recommend Teamleader to someone?

And what do I get in return?

We’re taking a wild guess here, but when you’re reading this we might conclude that you like using Teamleader. The fact that you’ve clicked this title practically proves this.

And of course you would like to recommend Teamleader to other companies, because 1: you love helping people to work smarter and 2: you’re the paramount of knowledge and efficiency in your network.

So why not earn a little extra while you’re at it? We can only encourage it, so we enjoy giving something in return to our ambassadors.

That is why per customer you manage to convince to start using Teamleader, you get €25 for free!

How does it work?

You don’t really have to put in much effort to start gaining from it. While you’re in your Teamleader account, navigate to your personal menu below your name (top right hand corner) and click ‘My referrals’.

On this page, you’ll find your personalised referral link, which you can send to other people. We’ve made it easy: you can directly send them an email, or contact them via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

The link leads to a separate web page that offers more information on Teamleader. At the bottom of the page your contact can activate a free 14-day trial. If he does so, you will be notified on your referral page and via email.

From then on, we’ll do the work. If he or she decides to become an actual Teamleader customer (a.ka. a Teamleader), you’ll be notified again and you’ll receive your referral bonus! Hooray!

What can I do with the money I earned?

You, as a referrer, can spend the earned amount on 2 things:

  1. Teamleader credits (find out here what you can spend those one)
  2. Deduct it from your next Teamleader license invoice

One remark: only the administrator of your Teamleader account can decide on what the money is being spent. But that doesn’t have to keep you from referring other people!

What if my earned amount is larger than my next invoice?

Good for you! That means you’ve been able to convince your fair share of companies to become a Teamleader customer, which we can only applaud.

But don’t worry, if your earned amount exceeds the amount you have to pay on your next invoice, the remaining credit will automatically be deducted from the following invoice as well.

So go ahead and start referring Teamleader to others - you’ll benefit from it yourself!

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