How can I order my custom fields?

You have created some custom fields but now you would like to have them in a certain order? No problem, there are two ways of doing so.

General information

Custom fields can be created by navigating to Settings > Custom fields > +. More general information about custom fields can be found here and more details about the different kind of settings of a custom fields are described in this article.

By default, custom fields are ordered alphabetically, but you have two options to change this.


When creating or editing a custom field, you'll find the option to link a group to a custom field under "Advanced Options".

When you add your custom fields to different groups, they will not be shown in a long list. Instead, they will be separated into different groups. In our example, the group is called "General". Within the groups, the order will be alphabetical.

Numbering the custom fields

The second way to choose your own order, is by numbering the custom fields. To do so, navigate to Settings > Custom fields and edit the name of the custom field you'd like to see on top. When your custom field is called "Test", simply rename it to "1. Test". The field you'd like to see in second position should be renamed from "Test2" to "2. Test2" and so forth. The result should look like this:

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