How can I send my invoices by post?

Important note: the option to send Teamleader invoices by post is only available in three countries so far: Belgium and the Netherlands.

In general, Teamleader offers three types of sending options:

  • regular
  • registered (not available in the Netherlands yet)
  • registered with receipt (not available in the Netherlands yet)

General information


  • Provider: Bpost
  • Payment method: Teamleader credits (more information)
  • Pricing:
    • normal: € 1,60
    • registered: € 7,50
    • registered with receipt: € 8,50

The Netherlands

  • Provider: Mailwriter
  • Payment method: Teamleader credits (more information)
  • Pricing:
    • normal: € 1,30

How does it work?

Sending an invoice/a reminder manually

When sending an invoice or a reminder and clicking on the button on the respective invoice, you'll see the following pop-up:

You then choose "Send via postal service" which brings you to this screen:

If the address is available for that company or contact, it will be filled in here automatically. When changing the country, the availability of the service will be checked again.


  • You can only send invoices within the respective country, e.g. invoices from Belgium to Belgium, not invoices from Belgium to France.

Sending an invoice/a reminder automatically

The general explanation of how you can send an automatic reminder or send an invoice automatically from a subscription can be found here.

When setting up the automatic reminders under Settings > Invoices > Automatic reminder for invoice, you have the option to send those via "postal service".

Note: In case the automatic sending fails, you will receive a notification and an error message will show up in the tracking of the invoice:

Possible reasons for an automatic sending to fail:

  • Sending an invoice via post is not available for your country.
  • The sending option does not exist for your country (only for Dutch accounts).
  • You did not have enough Teamleader credits (only for Belgian and Dutch accounts).
  • The address was invalid.

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