Why do I have fewer modules in my Teamleader account than my colleague?

The Teamleader tool consists of multiple modules: CRM, Deals, Invoices, Projects and Tickets. In case those are added to your account, they will appear on the menu on your left-hand side.

You can also choose to add modules to your account that are completely free of charge, such as timesheets, order confirmations, delivery notes, orders, products, stats, settings, HR, API & Webhooks. Most will be activated by default, but options like order confirmations or orders need to be activated manually by our support team.

A colleague of yours working in the same Teamleader account has access to more modules? The underlying reason here could be that a certain module has been activated for your Teamleader account, but not for your user profile.

To see an overview of the active modules per user, simply navigate to Settings > HR and click the pencil icon next to a co-worker's name. On the following screen, you'll see all active modules for the general Teamleader account. If the slider is set to "Yes" for certain modules, this module will also be available for that specific user.

In the example above, the feature "Delivery notes" is active for the Teamleader account, but not for this specific user.

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