How can I create teams in Teamleader?

Under Settings > HR > Teams, you have the option to create teams within Teamleader. You'll need to determine a name and a leader, as well as someone who's responsible to approve holiday requests.

The team leader can choose to receive a notification every time a task has been completed by a team member.

As a second step, you'll need to assign co-workers to that team as the leader is not automatically part of a team. In order to add colleagues, you'll need to click on the pencil next to a co-workers name in order to edit the profile:

So what are the effects of being in a team?

  • By navigating to Settings > HR and clicking on the pencil icon next to a co-worker's name, you can choose whether a user has access to the agendas of his/her team. This is only possible for non-admin users.

  • When checking the planning, you'll also have the option to view the "Team calendar". By default, the team you belong to will be displayed, but you can also add entire teams by clicking the plus sign at the bottom.

  • Tasks can be assigned to a team. These tasks will then appear on everyone's dashboard which facilitates collaboration and task distribution.

  • When navigating to "Timesheets", non-admin users only have access to timesheets of their team members.

  • The holiday requests of team members get approved by a designated colleague. More information on requesting leave can be found here.

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