How can I set a week schedule in Teamleader?

In order to define the start and end hour of your working days or those of your colleagues, simply navigate to Settings > HR and click on the name of the corresponding Teamleader user.

On the next screen you'll see the current week schedule, which you can then edit.

If you continue, you'll be able to define the start and end hour as well as a lunch break. More information on this can be found in this article.

This screen also allows you to define the week schedule of part-time employees. In the example below, the employee works from Monday to Thursday.

We advise you only use this option if that co-worker has a fixed day off. If this person works part-time with flexible hours, we advise you to still set normal working hours for all business days. You can then create a special type of leave, e.g. "Part-time", for this employee.

Note: The week schedule has an influence on how many hours you work per day, and as such, also on the hours of one holiday. More information on holiday planning can be found in this article.

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