Can I export custom fields to Campaign Monitor?

In this article, you can find general information on how to set up the connection between Teamleader and Campaign Monitor.

Here, you'll learn how to export custom fields to Campaign Monitor.

By default, Teamleader will export up to 20 fields (both custom and non-custom) to Campaign Monitor. If the desired custom field is not among those fields, they can be added afterwards. Don't worry about which type of custom field you add: any type can be added to Campaign Monitor.

To do so, simply navigate to your Campaign Monitor settings and add a text field. The field name needs to match entirely with the custom field name (upper/lower case, spaces, ...)

The value of the custom field will then be filled in in Campaign Monitor.

Note: If you add one of these tags, the fields will not automatically be synchronized/filled in for all contacts/companies. The easiest way to force this to happen is to create a segment which contains contacts or companies (e.g. email is filled in) and sync that segment to Campaign Monitor.

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