How are the prices calculated/rounded in Teamleader?

When you create a quotation or an invoice, the price will get rounded. In this article, you'll find the rules we use in Teamleader.

Every price is rounded to 2 digits after the comma per line. This goes for the price incl. VAT as well as the price excl. VAT.

VAT is calculated per line and based on the total amount before it is rounded.


2222 articles of €0,001 each, 12% VAT

Amount excl VAT: 2222 * 0,001 = €2,222 -> rounded to €2,22

VAT amount: €2,222 (amount excl VAT before rounding is used) * 0,12 = €0,26664 -> rounded up to €0,27

Amount incl VAT: €2,22 + €0,27 = €2,49

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