How can I create a subscription?

Subscriptions are used to create recurring invoices - so you never forget to send the right invoice to your client. In Teamleader, there are three different ways to create a subscription:

1. From scratch

2. Out of a deal

3. Out of an invoice

Subscription from scratch

To create a new subscription from scratch, simply navigate to Invoices > Subscriptions and click the plus sign at the top. You'll need to fill in the title, the client's name, the department, the layout, the bank account and the time frame after which a new invoice should be created. The start date is very important, as it influences the invoice date as well.

Under "Advanced options", you'll have the option to decide on the payment term, the invoice timing and even add a link to a project. You can decide whether the automatically created invoice should be booked right away or if you prefer a pro-forma invoice to be created. For more information on how to automatically send invoices, click here. This article will tell you more about how direct debit works in Teamleader.

In a next step, just add your articles and decide whether you'd like the first invoice to be created right away.

Subscription out of a deal

When you create a quotation for a deal, you can choose between one-time cost and recurring over a certain period.

If you choose the recurring cost type and create an invoice for your deal, you'll have the option to create a subscription as well.

If you click on "Create now", a new subscription will be added containing the client's information and the articles you already filled in. The next steps will be the same as when you create a subscription from scratch.

Subscription out of an invoice

If you created an invoice and you'd like to turn it into a recurring one, simply click the arrow at the very top of your screen and select "Create subscription".

The created subscription will contain the client's information and all articles on the invoice. The next steps will be the same as when you create a subscription from scratch.

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