FAQ: What server do I need to fill in to link Office 365/Exchange agenda?

When linking your Office 365/Exchange agenda, you need to fill in a server name. This value depends on the system you are using.

Office 365

The server name is in almost all cases: outlook.office365.com

Microsoft Exchange


  • The integration with Exchange does not work with outlook.com addresses since those are not connected to an exchange server. Unlike iCloud or Google, Exchange is no free service.
  • The connection is available for Exchange 2010 and higher.
  1. Check with your IT responsible what version you are using.
  2. Ensure that "Exchange" is set on active with your server.
  3. Login via the OWA (Outlook Web Access)
  4. Your server link is your OWA-link but without the /owa/, e.g. https://outlook.somecompany.com/owa/ becomes outlook.somecompany.com
    https://webmail.somecompany.org/owa/ becomes webmail.somecompany.org

Private Server

  1. Open the server on the internet.
  2. The Exchange server ends with /ews/exchange.asmx. This part, however, can be omitted, e.g. https://exchange.somecompany.net/ews/exchange.asmx becomes exchange.somecompany.net

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