The Google Contacts synchronisation is restricted to one way only: from Teamleader to your Google Contacts. A new group called "Teamleader" will be created into which all of your Teamleader contacts (not companies) will be exported. Extra info will be provided, such as the related company if there is one and the phone number of that company.

Changes you make to those contacts in Google will not be synchronized to Teamleader. If you want to maintain the changes to your contacts, you have to edit them in Teamleader. This synchronisation runs every hour and cannot be activated manually.

To be able to use the synchronisation, you have to have export rights activated in your Teamleader account settings. Follow the next steps to install the Google Contacts integration:

  1. Navigate to your user icon in the top right-hand corner and click on “Integrations
  2. Search for “Google Contacts” in the search field
  3. Choose “Google Contacts” and click “Add
  4. Log in with your Google account and authorize access to the services which are required
  5. Now click on the slider next to “Google Contacts”

Note that you also get the opportunity to synchronize “Google Agenda".

6. Click “Save

Note: In Teamleader it is only required to fill out the field 'Last name' whereas in Google Contacts it is required to have the first name, the last name, and one of the following list: phone, mobile or email. If these fields are not filled out in Teamleader, those contacts will not be synced with Google Contacts.

Note: If you would like this sync to be two-way, you can install the integration developed by PieSync. If you want to link your contacts to Teamleader via Zapier, make sure to read the following article.