In Teamleader, you have the option to convert a deal into a project. Once your quotation has been accepted, go to your deal and click Actions > Create project.

If you would like to create a project before your deal has been accepted, please send an email to support and we will activate this feature for your account.

What will happen if you convert a deal into a project?

  • The project and the deal will be linked, which means the project will be displayed within the deal and the deal will be displayed within the project.
  • The budget and the title are filled in automatically in your newly created project.
  • The subtitles of your quotation are added as milestones in the project. This means that, in case you want to convert your deal into a project, the workflow will already start when you create your quotation.


Convert deal into project: example

  • If this is your quotation, "Venue" and "Decoration" will be displayed as milestones in your newly created project.
  • You can also convert products into tasks. The milestone "Venue" will then be added to your project, containing the tasks "Gathering of information" and "Planning and conceptualizing". If you would also like to add the products under subtitles as tasks within the milestones, simply contact our support team. We will happily activate this feature for you.

Can I use my project template when creating a project from a deal?

You cannot use a project template when you convert a deal into a project if you have already created a quotation. In that case your quotation will be used as a template. 

There are two ways to use your project templates even if the project is linked to a deal:

  1. Create a project from scratch and select the project template you would like to use. You will still have the option to link the project to a deal. To do so, simply navigate to the project and click on the arrow at the top and select "Link deal"
  2. Create a deal and create your project before creating the quotation. This way you will be able to use your project template without the subtitles being turned into milestones and the articles being turned into tasks (if the last feature is activated).