Is your team growing? Awesome! To get your new colleagues up to speed, you might want to add them to your Teamleader account. After all, it’s the perfect place to centralise your customer’s information.

But what if you run into the limit of number of users? Don’t worry, you can easily up your license to include extra users. This article is about how to buy those users, to actually create them after you bought them, please read this article.

There are three ways to buy new users for your account:

1. Via credit card

If you have added a credit card to Teamleader via your license page, you can easily click the plus button next to ‘users’.

It gives you an overview of how much this user will cost you. The amount you’ll have to pay depends on your subscription. The price will be calculated pro rata, meaning that you will only have to pay the remaining amount due until the next renewal of your subscription.

For example:

My Teamleader license will renew in two months. I want to buy a new user. A new user costs 10 euro per month. Since I will renew in two months, I only have to pay 20 euro (VAT excl.) right now. With my next renewal, the full price of the extra user will be charged.

2. Via bank transfer

This only applies if you haven’t added a credit card to Teamleader. Click the same plus button next to ‘users’ and you will be redirected to a page where you can enter your card details. The pricing principle is the same as with a credit card.

3. By letting us know

If you don’t feel like using either credit card or bank transfer, or you would like to add more than one user in one go, you can always contact us via We’ll up your licence with the number of users you want.