The Teamleader Wordpress integration is a plugin to register leads or contacts directly from your website or landing page to your Teamleader CRM account. The user friendly interface helps you to setup forms for capturing leads in no time - no coding skills required. Convert your website visitors into leads immediately and fill your sales funnel in Teamleader easily.

1. Install the WordPress integration:

  • Option 1: Go to the Wordpress Dashboard > Plugins > Search for Teamleader > Confirm plugin installation via "Install now".
  • Option 2: Install the zip. file downloaded from the Teamleader Marketplace by going to the Wordpress Dashboard > Plugins > Add new > Upload plugin > Confirm plugin installation via "Install now".

2. Go to the Wordpress Dashboard > Click "Settings" > Teamleader

3. Go to the Teamleader Marketplace and  add a new custom form.

4. Save the form and you receive a webhook URL.

5. Copy this URL.

6. Go back to the Wordpress plugin settings and paste this URL there.

7. Create one or several forms in Wordpress according to your needs.

8. In case you create several forms, then you need to add a certain shortcode [teamleader id=X] to any wordpress page or blogposts.

Some additional settings:

Referral settings

Add a Teamleader referral token to your form and earn extra money with recommendations. See here for more information.

ReCaptcha settings

You have the option to enable invisible reCaptchas to protect your forms.