There are several possibilities to add meetings in Teamleader:

  1. Add a meeting via the dashboard
  2. Add a meeting via the Agenda module
  3. Add a meeting via the plus sign
  4. Add a meeting in the deal phase
  5. Add a meeting in the project

Add a meeting via the dashboard

  1. The first possibility is to add a meeting straight on your dashboard by clicking the plus sign.
  2. Next you can complete the details of this meeting. Fill out the customer field to link this meeting to a contact/company. As you can see, you have different locations to choose from. This choice has an effect on how much you can invoice your client as you can let Teamleader calculate the travel costs and add them automatically to your invoice. 
  3. Once the meeting is created, you will see you can add colleagues (via the pencil) and external contacts (via the plus sign) to the meeting: 

Send meeting invitations and reminders

When you add external contacts to a meeting, you have the option to send a meeting invitation and a reminder for the meeting the day before via text. However, you do need to set up templates for meeting invitations and need to agree internally on whether you want to send a reminder the day before or not.

Add recurring meetings

If you conduct weekly meetings, use the option to copy a meeting or make a meeting recurring. Select a meeting and click the arrow next to "Meeting info" > Repeat meeting.


Add a meeting via the agenda module

  1. Another option is to go to Agenda > Meetings and clicking on Add meeting in the top right-hand corner.
  2. You see the same screen as above and can fill in the same details.

Add a meeting via the plus sign

  1. Or click on the plus sign in the top right hand corner and select ‘add meeting’.
  2. Teamleader will automatically complete the meeting with information depending on where you are when you click the plus sign. For example, if you open a contact in the CRM section and then click this plus sign, this contact person will automatically be filled out as the 'Customer' of the meeting.

Add a meeting in the deal phase

  1. You can trigger follow-up actions when moving a deal from one phase to another. Read more about it here. A follow-up action could be a follow-up meeting for example.
  2. When moving from one phase to another, a pop up window opens automatically with the customer details already filled in.
  3. You can link the meeting to the deal here. 

Add a meeting in a project

  1. Go to the project in question and navigate to the Work breakdown of this project.
  2. Here you have the possibility to add a meeting linked to a specific phase. Click on the arrow next to 'Add task' in the top right-hand corner and choose Add meeting.

For more information on how to create a meeting, you can also watch this tutorial.