If you haven't already, you can read this article on how to set up the link between Teamleader and MailChimp before you continue.

How to sync custom fields to MailChimp

You can export (all types of) custom fields from Teamleader to MailChimp. To do so, simply navigate to your MailChimp settings and go to 'List fields' and '*|MERGE|* tags'

Next, create a 'text' field.

All custom field types in Teamleader are converted to just text in MailChimp. If this field has the same name (between *| |*) as a custom field (only letters, numbers and _ are allowed characters), the values from the custom field will be filled in.

This also works for some dedicated fields, like salutations.


  • The merge text cannot be longer than 10 characters.
  • If you add one of these tags below, this will not be automatically synchronized for all contacts/companies. The easiest way to force this to happen is to create a segment which contains contacts or companies (e.g. email is filled in) and sync that segment to MailChimp.

Name of custom field
Merge tag in Mailchimp
1e. Categorie