Sorry to see you go :-(

Only Teamleader administrators can cancel their licence. Follow these steps if you want to end your Teamleader licence: 

  1. Click on your user icon in the top right corner in Teamleader.

  2. Go to Teamleader license.

  3. Click on the Actions button next to ‘Your Teamleader subscription’. 

  4. Select Cancel your subscription.

  5. You will receive a confirmation email after submission of the form.

According to our Terms of Service we need the submitted form at least 15 days before your renewal date. You can find your renewal date in the top right corner of your Teamleader license page.

From your renewal date onwards, you will no longer be charged and your account will be deactivated. Please make sure you export all necessary data before that date. In compliance with GDPR, your data will be permanently removed after deactivation.