Similar to the email log in which you can find your email activity from the last two weeks, Teamleader also has an export log. The export log provides you with an overview of who did which kind of export and when.

You can find the export log in Teamleader by following these steps:

  1. Click on your user icon in the top right-hand corner
  2. Click on Logs
  3. Click on Export log in the header

Important to know about the export log is that:

  • Only the logs of the last 30 days are shown
  • The column ‘Segment’ shows you which segment on e.g. Deal level was exported. If this column is empty, no segment was selected
  • You can download the exact export that was done - meaning the segment and columns that were selected - by clicking on the Download button next to the export
  • Access:
    • Admin users can view all exports done in the account
    • As a normal user, you can only view your own exports
    • It’s not possible to restrict access to the export log for a certain user
  • When creating a backup of your data, this means several exports on different levels in Teamleader happen at the same time. Afterwards you’ll find these separate exports in your export log as well
  • It’s not possible to segment on subject or user in this overview