Companies or individuals who wish to sell Teamleader can engage in a long-term collaborative partnership through the Partner Program. If you simply want to recommend Teamleader to friends or family, you can use Teamleader’s Referral Program.


Teamleader’s Referral Program allows you, as a customer, to refer friends or family and earn a reward. More information on these rewards can be found in ‘Help others discover Teamleader and earn a bonus’. To learn how to refer friends or family, read ‘How do I refer a friend or family member?


If you would like to sell Teamleader to other businesses on commission, you can join the Teamleader Partner Program. As a Partner, you commit to delivering at least 4 customers a year and will work closely together with our local Partner Manager.

For more information on the Partner Program requirements, read ‘What is expected of me as a Partner?’.