When you want to delete an invoice or credit note in Teamleader, that has already been synced to Exact Online, you will receive an error message. The reason behind that is, that when an invoice or credit note is synced to Exact Online it will receive a booking number in Teamleader. And when an invoice or credit note has a booking number in Teamleader, it will be impossible to remove it without resetting the booking number.


First of all we need to say that deleting an invoice can have legal implications. You best credit the invoice via a credit note. 

However, in some cases, e.g. when you are testing Teamleader or Exact Online it can happen that you booked an invoice by accident.

In Teamleader you can only delete the last invoice. If the test invoice is no longer the last one, the best thing to do is to change the amount to zero. 

Be careful and show this article to your accountant if you are not sure about how to use Exact Online.

If it is the last invoice, you should follow these steps:

  1. Be sure that you have the administrator rights in your Teamleader account

  2. Go to Exact Online and delete the accidentally booked invoice from Exact Online

  3. Go back to Teamleader, navigate to your picture in the top right hand corner, click "Integrations"

  4. Click on the settings for "Exact Online" and  click on 'Edit settings for administration'. Write down on a paper the start date of this integration (you will need this later)

  5. Click on "Deactivate" and fill in a delink date, but do NOT delink the contacts and companies!
    The delink date is the date of the first invoice or credit note that should be deleted. All invoices and creditnotes from or later than this date will be reset. 

  6. Go to "Invoices" and delete the unneeded invoices and credit notes. As you can always only delete the last invoice, you need to start from the highest number.

  7. Navigate to your picture in the top right hand corner and click "Integrations"

  8. Click on the settings for "Exact Online", select the right department and click on 'Connect Exact Online'.

  9. Fill in a start date. Use the date you wrote down earlier (step 4). The start date should be the date of the invoice that was first synced to Exact Online. If the start date is set to a later date, the payment status of these invoices will not be fetched from Exact Online.
    DO NOT import companies/contacts in this step, because this will create doubles in your Teamleader

  10. Go to "Invoices" in Teamleader and click on the synchronisation button (two arrows) in the bar at the top.