In order to get started, you need to set up the ticketing module and forward your emails to the ticketing system. In Teamleader there are three ways to create a ticket, so it is worth having a look which options might fit best in your daily schedule. The advantages of using the ticket module is that the tickets offer a direct link to a contact or a company in your CRM. You can also add a ticket to a project, so that everything is always visible within the blink of an eye. If you need some further information within a ticket, you always have the option to create custom fields.

When your ticketing module is set up, you can streamline your communication by answering your client directly, adding an internal note to a colleague or forwarding it to a third party. All is possible and easy to be retrieved as everything is saved within one ticket. #WorkSmarter. The not-yet closed tickets can be found in the ticketing module, in the detail page of the respective contact or company and, if applicable, within the linked project. The closed tickets are still available in the ticketing module and are mentioned in the activities of the respective contact or company.

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