Follow these steps if you want to change your company name, your invoicing address or your VAT number:

  1. Click you image in the top-right corner of your account.
  2. Select 'Teamleader subscription'.
  3. Navigate to  'Billing information'.
  4. Select 'Update billing information'.

Note: The VAT number you fill in here is only used for our Teamleader invoices to you. If your VAT number changed you should not only adapt it here but also in your Settings > Company info > Click on the pencil next to your department. Here you can edit your VAT number. Inserting the shortcode $DEPARTMENT_VAT_NUMBER$ on your document templates will then also display this number on the documents (quotations, invoices,...) you send to your clients.

If you have more questions about your invoice from Teamleader, send a mail to